I enjoyed remixing Volunteer's feel-good anthem "Good Good Day". Staying on brand, I took his bright wedding day ballad and turned it into something angsty and minor.. :)

Some details for my fellow nerds: I took Cory's straight 1-6m-4 chord acoustic guitar arpeggios, pushed them ahead a half-beat to give them an offbeat feel and put them over a 6m-1-4 chord progression. I kept all the vocal layers and added a drum break beat, some thick picked p-bass, a rhodes arpeggio that complimented the acoustic, and some woozy synths. Then I filtered everything, added hiss, & put copious amounts of Izotope Vinyl pitch vibrato on it to give it an old cassette sound (you can hear a tape being put in a cassette player in the intro).

I found inspiration for this in some unexpected places, so I made an inspiration playlist with my remix at the beginning, some songs that inspired the production, and Volunteer's original at the end. Hope you enjoy.